Get High End Visibility, Generate a Flood of New Leads, and Sell Like a Superstar…All on a Start Up Budget!!

Because you are a Self-Starter Go-Getter La Femme Entrepreneur - all you need are the right tools, the right guidance, and some insider secret online hacks to help rocket LAUNCH your new biz!

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Picture yourself ready to make that presentation to the client you’ve been waiting for. You are dressed to the nine’s; your hair is on Fleek; your make up is beat; and your footwear is fabulously on point.

You’ve worked hard, this is your moment, and as you take one final look in the mirror on your way out the door, you suddenly realize… “OMG I have bags under my eyes!”

You wouldn’t hesitate to invest in the very best to take care of those bags, so why aren’t you willing to do the same for your digital marketing for your business?

The La Femme Marketing Boutique will teach you how to harness all your energy, become more efficient, and flaunt your fabulousness right along with your expertise!
So that when you show up to slay, the world takes notice!

The La Femme Marketing Boutique was designed with the I CAN DO IT MYSELF La Femme Entrepreneur in mind!


We are so excited because we have something new and fabulous to share. Let us show you how to be the fabulous and fierce La Femme CEO that you are meant to be.

The La Femme Marketing Boutique

Is the single best collection of High End marketing & sales trainings available in one beautiful gallery for you tp upskill so you can upscale your business.

Learn how to master first class marketing strategies, fill your black book with ideal clients & effortlessly close sales.


While living, breathing, and being the fabulously fierce La Femme CEO Queen you were born to be.

(please do remember that you’re a fabulously fierce La Femme CEO Queen!)


You get back to doing you, Darling!


Sacrificing your most sacred resources – sleep, relaxation, and $$$


Working 80-hour weeks just to break even is not at all worthy of a La Femme CEO Queen!


One of the most prominent challenges many La Femme entrepreneurs face

is the too much work trap. We believe we must work ourselves into the ground to be successful, and yet somehow, we only manage to make it from month to month? Oh no, my darling, that just simply won’t do!


Because Someday does not exist on any calendar I’ve ever seen.


Unfocused Work Creates Burn Out & Broke Bank Accounts.


Fiercely Focused Work Creates Fabulous Financial Freedom.

So you must show up in all your fabulosity to make a splash! Think Hepburn, Taylor, Beyoncé, or Gaga.

Let’s be candid with each other…

Are you tapping into your piece of the diamond pie? You’ve worked incredibly hard to become a La Femme Queen, and you deserve your fair share of the jewel mine.

Your time as a La Femme Queen is valuable, so wasting it on ineffective marketing won’t help you achieve that Boss Queen lifestyle you deserve. Instead, it forces you to work twice as long and twice as hard than you really need to.

So, I’ve got to know…

Are you just starting out on your own, worrying you’ll fall for the fake shiny object and get fooled into paying thousands of dollars for a course that cannot teach you what you need to know to succeed? (Shh! We’ve been there, that’s why I’ve created the La Femme Marketing Boutique!)

Are you a passionate La Femme Queen with a heart of gold and a diamond of a mind who desperately wants to help ideal clients get the results they need but you just don’t know how to attract them? The La Femme Marketing Boutique will teach you exactly what you need to know to get clients quickly.

Do you have a gift for helping others but have not yet mastered the know-how to level up your business online? Do you become overwhelmed trying to learn it all on your own, then want to lose your ever-loving mind because just when you learn something new – it changes?  The La Femme Marketing Boutique is THE all-in-one place to stay in the know with innovative marketing strategies so you, my darling La Femme Queen, can keep up with the fast-moving changes.

The perfect marketing strategies can help ensure that your customer black book is full of quality, paying clients, without having to resort to working 80-hour weeks because, again, it’s just not La Femme Queen worthy. Don’t waste your precious time and energy on ineffective marketing. Focus on the part of your business that you love and have time to luxuriate in the royal, high class lifestyle you deserve.

Whatever stage you’re at, from La Femme Princess to La Femme Queen, you don’t deserve to wait months to get your ideal clients. You can get them today! You can start working, growing, and building immediately.



Of course, there are thousands of marketing courses available to you. There’s just one problem with 99% of them – they are not worthy of you my darling.

They’re generic, run-of-the-mill, half-baked, and they just don’t understand what it is to be a La Femme CEO Queen. They give broad strokes, instead of homing in on the specifics and tweaks that give you, as a Queen, real results.


Darling, If you are even a little bit serious about making your business work; getting ideal clients on board; and filling your customer little black book, then sign up with the La Femme Marketing Boutique.

The beauty of your job is, you can not only coach from anywhere, but you can also learn marketing from anywhere i.e. home, Starbucks, a hotspot in Central Park, or your favorite Air BnB in France.

Did you know that Google estimates around 2.3 million searches are done every single second? 100 billion searches every month? You deserve to dominate the first page of those searches and knowing how to do fabulous online marketing can help you get there.

But of course, marketing isn’t a static thing. It’s already changed so much over the last few years, and things do change literally overnight. So, rather than spending all your time keeping up with it, why not have someone doing the staying up to date for you and train you? Do what you do best and hire the rest!

In just eight weeks, you can become the expert on marketing in your niche, know how to plan relevant strategies and fill your client black book with Rockstar clients. Become a real mover and shaker in this very lucrative industry!


There’s just so much out there on marketing that it’s too easy to fall into the “do everything, be everything” trap.

Marketing is such a fast-paced, ever-changing industry that many extraordinary, intelligent people, like you, get way too caught up in a marketing frenzy trying to touch every possible market. You end up spreading yourselves too thin and giving up when nothing works the way it should. So, ask yourself, “What would a La Femme CEO Queen do?”

By knowing which contact points and target audiences to touch and how, you will become a true marketing savant – one who knows how to get the right clients for the right amount of effort.


Sifting through thousands of marketing courses can make you feel like you’re going crazy. It’s tempting just to pick one and be done with it. The problem is, if you don’t choose the right one, you’ll have wasted a pile of money and time you do not have and as a La Femme CEO Queen, you are too good at what you do to put up with that.

What you need is a solution that helps YOU, right now, generate real, QUALITY business without wasting time and energy on methods that aren’t relevant to what you do.



Tracey Thompson and I, Angela Giles, are both Lead Generation Experts, and Revenue Strategists for passionate female entrepreneurs who are on the path to building a 7+ figure empire.

  • I sold my first $30k contract in 30 days immediately after discovering the Soul-centered secrets to High Ticket selling that I now teach my La Femme clients.

  • Tracey generated $53,000 in new sales from just ONE Facebook group with less than 100 people in it.

As Conscious Sales Conversion Specialists, we routinely teach our clients how to easily Quadruple their income in 90 Days! We have developed time-tested, proven strategies like the Juicy Candy Conversion Formula that creates a flood of FAST CASH for our clients.


Instead of trying to do everything at once, we realized that focusing on one marketing strategy at a time was the best way to learn. Become a master at one strategy, then move on and learn about the next. This way, we managed to build an enormous social media network and compelling sales funnel.

Using these methods, We:

  1. Went from 90 to 10,007 followers on Instagram in 4 months. Still get between five and ten leads DAILY from our funnel.

  2. Gained 13,353 (and counting) Facebook fans for a total Facebook ad spend of just $347.42 within four months – many of who buy products daily.

  3. Helped thousands of small business owners become lead-generating experts.

  4. Using our conscious conversations, our clients began selling up to 27,000 in 2 weeks.

  5. Use our quick cash formula our clients have generated up to 138 leads in 48 hours and $7200 in cash.

And so much more…


YOU after La Femme  Marketing Boutique:

I couldn’t be more proud of my results. People talk about my successes, my results and my passion for what I do. They’re lining up to work with me, and I have thousands of ideal clients following me on online. They want to hear what I have to say, learn what I have to teach them and live the life I can show them.

YOU after La Femme Marketing Boutique:

People are registering with me all the time even while I’m busy living life, spending time with my family, even when I’m fast asleep, there are women getting in touch from around the world. The word has spread like wildfire that I am the go-to coach, and they all want to learn from me because I reveal what most coaches are afraid to share my unique secrets to success!

YOU after La Femme Marketing Boutique:

I know I’m good at what I do I’ve helped clients double their investments and make a ton of money. Their success is my brand’s success, and I’m flooded with new clients approaching me, ready to jump into the work and change their own lives.

You could be next, darling!

You could blaze your own trail towards a successful business with quick cash that aligns with your passion.

How will you get to this extraordinary place?

The La Femme Marketing Boutique will take you from struggling to successful in 8 weeks!





  • Getting Started – the steps to master 2 cutting edge marketing strategies in 8 weeks

  • Marketing strategies for all social media –

    -Facebook (including organic hacks, groups, paid ads & Live)







  • Black book – full of our secret top resources

  • Instagram Influencers- how to become an Instagram Influencer.

  • Wealth Building – how to connect and build a database of people that purchase from you over and over

  • Branding 101 – to help you shine like the SUPER STAR La Femme you are

  • Market Research to identify EXACTLY your most profitable ideal client

  • The Elegant Sales Funnel – that converts prospects into clients authentically

  • The Authentic Sales Conversation – six-step process to close prospects in as little as 30 minutes

  • Blogging 101 and hacks to get massive exposure

  • Share the Luv Days – every week

  • Every month new topic covered in depth & new products added

  • Private Facebook Group – where Angela, Tracey and senior marketing experts will be available to answer your questions

After 14 days, it is just $47 per month for members (cancel anytime & no contract) 



Q: How much is the program really?

A: It really is just $1 for the first trial 14 days, then $47 per month after that because we know what it’s like to spend more and get less. Instead, we’re giving you the option to spend less and get more.

Q: How much time do I have to spend on it?

A: For the simple step-by-step, just 30 minutes a day. The videos are at most 20 minutes long.

Q: Am I locked into a contract?

A: No. You get automatically billed for a 30-day period at a time, and you can cancel anytime.

Q: What happens when marketing strategies change?

A: We make sure we are continually updating to the latest and best strategies. We update the course material accordingly, and we inform our ongoing clients about these changes, so that you always have the best strategies on hand to make marketing work for you.

Q: What if I need one-on-one private mentoring and coaching?

A: You will have complete access to our private Facebook group where Angela. Tracey, and the senior marketing staff are available daily to help answer your questions. If you feel you desire more hands-on help than the group provides, you can speak with Angela or Tracey about private mentoring and coaching availability.

What would it mean for you to be able to

Build Your Legacy

Breathe Life Into Your Soul

Impact The World

All while building your bank account

Darling …you are worth it.

You have worked hard.

What you need now is some expert marketing strategies.

And pivotal sales conversations that will change your destiny.

And lead to A La Femme Empire that will alter lives around the globe.

AND all without selling your soul & emptying your bank account.

You are in the right place.

We will teach you exactly how to do this inside the La Femme Marketing Boutique. 




It is hard to find mentors with hearts that truly want to serve others. Angela and her team will not only help you go to the next level in every area of your business, but you will be a part of a family that will meet you at your individual need. Well done!

– Asia Nail

Angela & Tracey are incredible!  Within 24 hours of implementing their juicy candy strategy I had over 47 leads and was able to convert into some fabulous high end clients. 

– Galit Ventura Rozen

test galit ventura rozen

If you are looking for a mentor who is genuine, confident, assertive and knows her marketing and money-mastery stuff, then Angela is the person you’ve been searching for. She knows how to inspire you to take action, to help you overcome mindset blocks that are holding you back, and welcome you into her community of talented, go-getter women.

– Penelope Tiam-Fook

Angela is amazing at what she does and is a true master of her craft. I would  ?% recommend Angela’s services to anyone who is in need of a mentor in the marketing world. She can definitely help get you where you want to be and is a complete sweetheart to boot! If you feel you are missing the mark in your business I believe that Angela is the answer! I appreciate everything you do!

– Cecilia Whaley


Angela helps turn great ideas and vision into razor-sharp strategies so you can see tangible results. She cuts through ‘info overload’ and guides you in positioning your time and talent, whether you have 20 minutes each day (or 2 hours) to put on your CEO hat and move your business forward.

– Edith Moricz

When I met Tracey I was having trouble converting clients consistently and hadn’t really dialed in the process to take them from a prospect to a customer. It was pretty frustrating!

After working with Tracey, I went from feeling frustrated about not being able to convert clients, which made me feel anxious and insecure, to an 80% conversion rate which has made me relax, enjoy my business and feel very grateful for having met her! This resulted in a HUGE jump in income!

I always refer my entrepreneur friends to Tracey because she is amazing, she knows exactly how to help people to be successful in a way that feels right for them and in line with their integrity and she is simply amazing!

– Rebecca Davison

test Rebecca Davison

Angela is a true gem. Not only is she super sweet and kind, she really knows her marketing stuff! I have learned so much from her. Actual stuff that is useful and that you can start using in your business right away! I totally recommend her for your marketing needs.

– Heidi Erickson

Angela knows her stuff when it comes to Facebook and online marketing. She has helped me numerous times, and I consider her to be a valuable asset to my business.

– David Chandler

test Lea Pearson

Before I met Tracey, I didn’t know how to talk about my work. I knew nothing about marketing, and coming out of an academic background, I did not have the language that would appeal to people.

She helped me with my pricing, sales systems, sales skills, making offers & presentation skills, copywriting, creative titles, marketing strategy, mindset, confidence,  FB groups, and personal branding.

In fact, I had a great success with her “Juicy Candy Conversion Strategy” – I converted 3 out of the first 4 leads! It gave me a boost of much-needed cash, and kicked my prosperity energy into turbo mode!

As a result of Tracey’s work with me, I’ve now had my first $6000 month! More money than I have ever made during any month in my entire life.

Hire Tracey! She will help you find the best language and the best strategies to help you get your work to the people who need it. She will support you 100 percent and build your confidence in your ability to fulfill your calling.

– Lea Pearson

Angela will help you refine and grow your social media presence in a way that will translate to new clients and open doors to so many opportunities. Her program literally saved my struggling hair business! I would recommend Angela’s services to any entrepreneur who is not afraid of putting in the work!

– Megan Rose


Angela is da bomb… I have never, in my 20+ years of marketing, found a person that is truly committed to helping you succeed. She has helped me understand things that I have been trying to understand for years. She has the knack to break things down so you can understand them.Angela is not just a mentor of mine she is a FRIEND. I connected with her and feel as if we have known each other for years… If you want to know something about marketing, ask Ange. Like I said: Angela is da bomb!

– Patti Allred


Angela helped me quadruple my income in 90 days.

– Dileesa Hunter

Good day! I had to come and share this with you. Although I haven’t attended all of your live sessions on Facebook due to my living situation and time schedule. I have been making it a priority to put into practice some of your articles to gain more followers and close more higher end sales via Instagram. In the last two weeks alone, I have gone from 25 followers and 0 sales to more than 70 followers and just this week alone I have closed sales of my most expensive piece! I now have put customers who want that specific piece on my custom order wait list which is 14 days per client as all of my work is hand stitched. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information that is transforming my business in more than one way as well changing my mindset toward the small changes that I had to make to turn things around in prioritizing the importance of making a small effort to gain in business. You are a true gem and I thank God for you!

– Amenia ❤


Be the architect of your own divine life

Join the La Femme Marketing Boutique for only $1 Right, NOW!!